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Specimen highlight: veitchii 'Candy Striped' x 'Candy'

Sometimes a plant deserves some individual attention, I figure every now and then I will highlight a single plant in my collection and detail its story. Going to start out with a very special veitchii.      With veitchii, sometimes you have a pretty good idea of what you're going to get as the plant matures, sometimes you get a pleasant surprise, this specimen was definitely the latter.  I had posted in a forum looking for potential trades for a few plants I was trying to get rid of at the time, mostly random hybrids that were quickly outgrowing my grow tent and frankly, weren't super interesting to me. This was shortly after I began getting really interested in veitchii and was actively seeking out new specimens to add to my collection, I was contacted by someone with a small veitchii with quite an interesting story.  They told me that this plant was grown from seed purchased from an overseas vendor, who provided pictures taken from CP Photofinder as the supposed parents of th

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